Who we are

Las Cumbres Cabins

I like to imagine that the history of Las Cumbres Cabins started weaving long time ago, on another continent, when my great-grandparents, Felipe Berzal Cristóbal y Basilia Giménez, were the hosts in their lodgings in Navas de Estena, a small Spanish town in Castilla-La Mancha. In 1912 they migrated to Argentina and settled down in Cordoba in order to continue with the business, but as time passed they had to face up to other challenges.

When I arrived in Patagonia, I never dreamt of fulfilling my great-grandparents’ dream. Together with Guillermo, my husband, we started with the plan of the cabins with a definite purpose: every guest visiting us will find comfort, warmth and hospitality. Our cabins were conceived with the objective of helping guests to get ready for the challenging Patagonian days.

Becoming parents of a son nine years ago, made us make up our minds about the amenities to be offered, that’s why a safe and comfortable place was built for kids, being our garden our most taken care treasure , always available for our guests. Whether for children to play or to sunbathe under the shadow of our poplars.

Receiving, housing, lodging, sharing, being hosts are the actions which led us to the adventure of receiving guests from all over the world every year. We also travel when you visit us. We are looking forward to sharing our story and wishing you get a great experience, too.