2 rooms and 3 beds

$50 / per night
2 rooms and 3 beds
Max Guests: 4
Min. Booking Nights: 1
2 m²

The cabin has a fire extinguisher and emergency light
You have heaters in each environment that are easily operated according to your need.
Hot water available 24.
The bedroom windows have black out curtain system to prevent the passage of light and ensure a good rest.
Waste is collected daily.

Services and common areas
The cabin is located within a closed property next to other cabins with a view and access to a garden to enjoy the Patagonian skies that in summer gives us days with many hours of light, which extend between 5 am and 9 pm. The sunrises and sunsets in Patagonia are usually of great beauty.

Other highlights
Important: The minimum price is for 2 people in the same room, the other room will remain closed, using the 2 rooms has an additional cost of USD 25.

Room Services

Cable tv